Wednesday, September 17, 2008

يوم طويلا

i woke up this morning and hopped out of bed extra early to run to an arbitration. then i realized lost my jacket. then i realized that one of the pockets of said jacket contained my keys, including both my house keys and my car key. then i realized that needed said car key to drive to the diner where i was meeting my witnesses for this morning's arbitration.

so i took mrs. noz's car key and went to the hearing, sending messages out from my iphone trying to figure out where the hell my jacket was. the arbitration that was supposed to take "a couple of hours" instead lasted all day. during the breaks i managed to figure out that i had left the jacket in the back of cabin girl's car. (she and booman gave me a ride back from drinking liberally last night).

the arbitration ended just in time for rush hour. so i braved the traffic into center city to meet my arabic tutor, next door to my office that i never actually entered today.

now i'm home. exhausted and still keyless. but at least now i know where they are.