Thursday, March 14, 2013

victorious in my lonely stand against the greader

when RSS readers first came into fashion, people blamed them for their blog's falling hit counts. my hits are about 1/3 of what they used to be. i think that has more to do with the rise of facebook (and the corresponding lessening of interest in reading blogs) than RSS readers, but i guess people reading this site via RSS might have cut into my numbers a little bit.

for some reason, setting up a reader account never appealed to me. i was hooked on the old skool method of blog reading--clicking through my blogroll links to visit the sites i follow, and sometimes clicking on from the links i find on those sites. it doesn't work as well as it used to. while i keep my blogroll up to date, many others don't bother. as blogrolls have fallen out of favor they have either disappeared or (more often) included an increasingly high percentage of links to defunct sites. but i've never been tempted to switch to anything else even though sometimes i feel like i'm the only one who still clicks on those things.

now that the greader is closing, maybe old skool will come back. and if it was responsible for declining hit counts, maybe the hits will go up again. actually, i don't believe that. people attached to reading RSS feeds of blogs will go elsewhere, and those that aren't so attached will probably just fall out of the habit of reading blogs.

none of this means that i am going anywhere. i like the back and forth i sometimes get in the comments, but ultimately i write here more for me than for you. sometimes i just need to get shit off my chest. quite often, in fact. and i like having an archived record of what i am thinking about on most days for the past ten years.