Thursday, September 11, 2003

khiva to bukhara

I’m in bukhara now. Writing this on a word processor program because the web service is so slow. This damn thing is adding caps for me. Damn you Microsoft!!! Blogger is still trying to load.

Yesterday I was in khiva, the most visually amazing city I have ever seen. the city was declared a museum city by the soviet union so nothing new has been built (or demolished) in 90 years or so. wandering the streets was like going back in time. There were few other tourists, so mostly I had the place to myself. Last night was the full moon. There was a power outage and I walked alone along the streets illuminated only by the moon under the towering shadow of the madrassahs and minarets.

Bukhara has just as many monuments, but spread over a larger area and mixed in with soviet-stype buildings. At least that’s my impression in the first 20 minutes or so. I just got here. more later, if this page can ever load!!!!

My “edit your blog" screen has finally loaded. Time for me to paste this in. the connection is so slow here, I haven’t been checking any news sites. I have no idea what is happening in the world on this 2nd anniversary of 9/11.