Monday, October 13, 2003

apparently i don't know how big a six-year old is

i recently bought a gift for the son of a friend of mine in uzbekistan. i promised to send the gift to her when i got back but for various reasons, i didn't get to it until now. i asked her what she wanted and she mentioned winter clothes for her 6-year old son. i walked into the store and realized i wasn't sure what the right size is. its been a long time since i hung around with people who were six. and i never met this particular 6-year old when i was in uzbekistan. i was supposed to, but i screwed that up when i went to the wrong park. when i picked out my gift, all i could do was just make my best educated guess. i am pretty sure, for example, that a 6-year old is smaller than me.

today, i showed an attorney in my office (who is also a mother of two children) what i bought. she laughed at me. apparently, i don't know how big a 6-year old is. the curse of the childless.

so, to z (if you read this): i am sorry if it doesn't fit. i am sure he will grow into it eventually.