Tuesday, October 14, 2003

following up on earlier stuff

1. re: astroturf letters from soldiers

it turns out that at least one soldier didn't agree with the text of the letter, but he was ordered to sign it by his superior officer

(via the bittershack of resentment)

plus, how can i not mention hesiod's excellent post about this

2. re: bill o'reilly vs. terry gross

o'reilly is now campaigning to have n.p.r.'s budget cut.

(via suburban guerrilla)

note the partial transcript posted in the above link is filled with accusations that gross "defamed" o'reilly and asked him harder questions than she did to franken. but the transcript edits out any of the alleged defamatory remarks, or any of the so-called hard questions. if o'reilly really had the goods on her, you'd think he would edit the transcript differently. (oh and the "billion dollars a year" figure is inflated. the corporation for public broadcasting gets around $700 million a year and only a fraction of that get apportioned to n.p.r., and a smaller slice of that pie funds "fresh air.")

i also love how the fox headline "an n.p.r. ambush interview" leaves unsaid exactly who ambushed who. as i read in a comment somewhere on the web (sorry i would love to attribute it, but i can't remember where everything comes from), it is remarkable how o'reilly waits until the 48th minute of a 50 minute interview to flip out.

(o.s.p. takes the whole o'reilly-gross interview apart rather well here (via NTodd))

the fun never stops