Sunday, October 26, 2003

high school reunion

this weekend was my 15th high school reunion. i went to a snooty private quaker high school that are all the rage in the greater philadelphia metro area. many of the people who i have kept in touch with from high school are so embittered by the experience that they refuse to go. but not me. whatever bad happened back then was back then, not now, and honestly, i am just too damn curious about what ever happened to all of those people not to. i had a small class--64 people in my graduating class (down from 69 with a few last-minute expulsions, but that's another story). so everyone basically knew everyone. which also means that there really is no one i was not curious about.

five years ago, i went to my tenth and i really had a great time, even though the practical joke i tried to play on sarah didn't work out. at the tenth i spoke to people i never really liked back in high school but discovered one of two things: (1) they were the same as i remembered them, or (2) they were different and i liked them now. either way, i viewed it as a win-win situation. the #2 people were, of course, pleasant surprises and the #1 people amused me. anyone who could go 10 years without changing is inherently funny.

this time around i am much more local. 4 years ago, i moved from chicago to this place, about 30 miles away from my old high school. i guess because i enjoyed the 10th so much this year was a little bit more disappointing. i still had a good time, but just not as good as last time. last time i was impressed by how many different things my classmates had gone on to do. this time, most seemed to be converging onto the same track. but i was happy to get back into contact with a few of them. we shall see if that lasts.

also, for the record, sarah and stephanie suck big time for not attending.

there is a slight chance someone from the reunion could puzzle out a few things and find his/her way here. if so, leave me a comment to let me know you dropped by.