Monday, October 06, 2003

more on diebold

team agonist has part two of its diebold voter machine article. with all the (justified) attention this plame thing is getting and all the (unjustified) attention of that ridiculous california election, this major scandal is in great danger of being drowned out. if you have any doubts as to whether the diebold issue is important, just read this paragraph:

Here in Part 2, for the first time in print, the Agonist discloses in extensive detail the Diebold case timeline, and the legal battles that ensued. The phases of this timeline are as follows: A) Diebold system becomes available to outside scrutiny, B) Revealed: Diebold system is susceptible to election tampering, C) Computer scientists demonstrate many critical vulnerabilities, D) Diebold CEO promises to "deliver electoral votes" to Bush in 2004, E) Evidence that Diebold illegally tabulated votes before polls closed, and F) Diebold responds with legal action to silence critics.

the details follow, so read the whole article.