Wednesday, October 01, 2003

the plame game

the plame story is flitting furiously around the political blogisphere. honestly, there's no reason for me to rehash the excellent points many others have made about this story elsewhere.

all i have to add is that i had to drive to vineland, new jersey this afternoon for work. on the way i heard my very own senator, arlen spector, state that a special prosecutor is not necessary to investigate the plame leak. he explained that the prosecutors in the justice department could handle it themselves, despite the apparently conflict-of-interest that their boss is a member of the bush cabinet who has had a long-term relationship with karl rove (the chief suspect, in my opinion), because there were plenty of competent career prosecutors at the justice department who can independently investigate this matter. by competent career prosecutors, spector seemed to be referring to prosecutors who are not political appointees and thus were not hired by the bush administration and are less responsive to political pressure.

of course, if they were not hired by the bush administration, that means that they were around during the clinton administration. even though these same people were working for the justice department, spector had no problem in those days in supporting a special prosecutor to investigate clinton for much less serious allegations than the ones involved in the plame matter.

UPDATE: i really gotta add a link to adam felber's take on this thing.