Tuesday, October 07, 2003

what i learned from the newspaper this morning

on the train to work this morning, i read this article in which i learned:

(1) the suicide bomber in the recent attack in haifa came from jenin, in the west bank, not syria where israel staged military strike supposedly "in retaliation" for the bombing.
(2) the bomber entered israel from the west bank by going through a hole in the recently constructed security fence. the fence is not finished yet. she could have gone around it, but apparently thought it would be easier to go through it. thus illustrating how ineffective this fence is at preventing attacks despite the hardships being imposed on palestinians in the name of security.

there are plenty of reasons to criticize the sharon government for the suffering they cause to the palestinians (an indirectly the israelis too), but putting that aside, this article is yet another indication (if the ongoing series of bombings and other attacks was not enough to convince you) that sharon's policies are also ineffective