Tuesday, November 25, 2003

silber on why they hate us

my friend hydro has been trying to get me to read the light of reason, a libertarian blog by authur silber, for a few weeks now. the last time hydro emailed me a link to the site, i clicked on it only to find that the silber was going on a short hiatus because of economic difficulties. i didn't go back and then promptly forgot about it.

anyway, today hydro tried again and emailed me an essay posted on the light of reason a few days ago called you want to know why they hate us? you're the reason they hate us. it's a few days old now, and over that time i have seen a few other blogs link to it, but i never bothered to read it until hydro emailed it to me.

i'm glad he did. it's really good. silber says that people who read blogs don't follow links. go prove him wrong.