Wednesday, December 29, 2004

blogroll update

i've added two sites, both of which i recommend you check out: nur al-cubicle and out of context. nur al-cubicle features translations of news stories about iraq from french, italian and arabic news sources. out of context is a site by the organizer of drinking liberally here in philadelphia. both of these links i've been meaning to add for a little while. sorry it took so long. there's actually one more i meant to add today, but i can't find the url right now. maybe i'll update this post later.

but with additions also come subtractions. circle of life and all that. i've decided to finally get rid of some of my remaining election-related links, so goodbye bush campaign lies and the electoral vote predictor. both sites were great in the days of yore, and it's time to get with the times.

similarly, i'm cutting the silk road journal, once sean-paul kelley’s spot to post his travelogues. now he puts them in the agonist travel journals. it's not really a cut when you think about it.

unfortunately, there's no other way to see these next two. lady sun was once my favorite iranian blogger. she went defunct quite a while ago, but i held out hope that she would return. i haven't even bothered checking her site for months, so i might as well make it official. and then there's sick of bush. i feel a little bad about this one. this site was one of the first to link to me on his own (i.e. he linked without me ever visiting his site–i didn't’t know of its existence until i noticed his hits). at some point after that, the link disappeared, but i kept my link out of sheer loyalty for such early support. it's been about a year now and i basically never go to SOB anymore. the link seems more and more like an empty gesture. not anymore.

and finally (i saved this one just to end on a high note and not to finish this post sounding like a heartless bastard), i highly recommend everyone read the liberal avenger. i discovered his site when i saw a comment at atrios promising free MP3s of arabic music back at his place. and so i followed, pied piper-like, back to chez avenger to soak up the raï-y goodness. since then i have grown to be a big fan of LA's posts. even if you hate arabic music, his site is well worth reading. it's a rare place in the blogisphere where liberals and conservatives argue so vigorously in the comments. i actually set up the LA link a few weeks ago, but didn't have time to draw attention to it in my posts. sorry it took so long LA!