Tuesday, December 28, 2004

a very special DL post

not much posting recently. partly it's because the entire blogging world seems to have sluffed off for the holidays. i guess maybe they're busy with family or something. not that that's my excuse right now, but this blogging thing tends to feed off of itself (e.g. i read something elsewhere that inspires me (i.e. pisses me off) which get's me to rant here) so when other people post less, i guess i post less too.

on top of that, we have houseguests right now. an old dear friend and fellow blogger josh is in town for the MLA convention. he even brought his girlfriend emily who i have heard about for a long time but never met until their arrival. naturally that means a lot of non-blogging-type activity like talking and forcing them to play boardgames with me.

i was unsure whether i would be able to make it to drinking liberally tonight. first, i thought i would skip it to spend quality time with josh and emily (i.e. talking and compulsory game-playing). then josh said he wanted to go to DL with me so it was on again. then then josh got other plans. and that's where it seems to stand now. so unless my phone rings with a third "then" i guess i will be there tonight. it's the usual deal: ten stone, 21st and south street. 6 pm til whenever (but i'm probably cutting out by 8)