Tuesday, May 17, 2005


fun in the working world. i got handed a hearing late today, so suddenly i'm in allentown early tomorrow for a hearing. the next day i'm in new york for another hearing. arabic class and star wars are fit in there somehow. at least i hope they are.

i know i haven't blogged much. i'm not really into this newsweek thing. besides, others are already saying all there needs to be said. or maybe that was me in the comments elsewhere. i will jump in here when i feel so moved.

the whole thing has this weird feeling of disconnect. there's a major offensive going on in iraq right now, and a massacre may or may not have happened in uzbekistan in the past week. and yet most of the sites i regularly turn to for political analysis are talking about other stuff. the thing the two neglected stories have in common is a news blackout, so, i guess one could argue there's not many reports to hyperventilate about. also, i realize that not everyone is obsessed with the same stuff as i am. they are allowed to be fixated on other things. it still just seems odd, and because i have just as little info as anyone else, i really can't do much about it but wait for email from friends.