Thursday, December 01, 2005

odd moment of the day

i met with my arabic tutor tonight. as usual we started with my attempt to tell him some story in arabic about something that happened in my life since our last visit. because of thanksgiving, it had been a few weeks, so i told him about how i finally got my hands on some syrian-style coffee. after i finished bumbling through the story, he said "i knew that already, i found your secret blog." then he told me how to say "atheist" in arabic, something i apparently wondered about in the comments somewhere.

it's always a little strange when some non-blog part of my life discovers this site. not that i am upset about it. i do publish this on the internet, after all. and for anyone who has ever corresponded by email with me, it's pretty obvious who "upyernoz" is.

and on a completely unrelated topic, did i ever mention that my arabic tutor is the greatest tutor of all time? i guess i just did.