Thursday, November 30, 2006

losing my mind, redoing the blogroll

so there's this site that i read now and then. i thought i added it to my blogroll a while ago. then something happened, or rather is about to happen tonight at midnight, and i realized that i might want to disable the link. so i look over my blogroll and there is no link. i never added the site to my blogroll after all.

am i losing my mind? come to think of it i do remember visiting the site in question by clicking through a link from somewhere else and don't remember ever visiting it from here. but this is really freaking me out. i am positive that i added a link at some point. i must have. surely the blogger gremlins went in and messed with my blogroll.

anyhow, i'm planning to tinker with the blogroll soon. there are some sites on it that i don't visit anymore and others i want to add. i'm still basically going with the philosophy that the roll will represent roughly what i read. linking or delinking is not meant to be any statement about person behind the blog in question, just whether i like to read their site. (i realize not everyone sees the meaning of links the same way as me. i just hope that no one labels my philosophy as a major breach of blogging ethics. well, on second thought, i actually don't give a shit)

i haven't plotted out all my blogroll messing yet and i probably won't get around to it for at least a couple of days. so if you think i'd be interested in some site that isn't already on the blogroll, leave your suggestion in the comments.