Wednesday, March 28, 2007

less odd

just yesterday, in the comments of this post, i noted that "it's a little odd that we haven't heard more about GPS data in the press reports... you'd think whoever had the numbers that supported their position would be publicizing that fact."

today the world got a little less odd with the brits releasing GPS data showing that their sailors were 1.7 nautical miles on the iraqi side of the line, and the iranian press reporting that the GPS on board the british ship showed that it was 0.5 miles on the iranian side when it was captured.

personally, i think the advantage is on the british side now. it released data (e.g. photographs of the GPS readings), whereas from iran all we have are second-hand assurances that the GPS readings favor them, without showing us the readings themselves.

in an apparent attempt to buy back some good faith, the iranians will release the one female among the captured sailors. but it won't work. in fact, unless the released sailor backs up the iranian position during her inevitable post-release press conference, i expect all it will do is convince even more people that iran is at fault here.