Tuesday, September 25, 2007

memory hole

as bush proposes further sanctions on myanmar/burma, it's interesting that no one remembers the guy who once defended this same burmese regime against the imposition of any u.s. sanctions. and the guy whose company used its subsidiaries to circumvent those sanctions once they were in place.

that guy was dick cheney. in the 1990s his big issue was that u.s.-imposed sanctions don't work and that he should be allowed to do business anywhere he wants. so during the 2000 presidential campaign and early in the bush presidency there was a bit of controversy over cheney's and haliburton's involvement in myanmar, notwithstanding american economic sanctions.

it looks like bush will make actions against myanmar the centerpiece of his UN speech today. but will anyone even note that his vice president was once one of the biggest burmese sanction busters around?