Wednesday, December 26, 2007

خريطة مصر

does anyone know where i can get a map of egypt (a physical paper map, not an online map) in arabic? i collect maps of the countries i've been to that are written in the country's native language. i usually pick up the map during my travels, but finding a map of egypt in egypt proved to be harder than i thought.

on my last day i even walked into two gas stations in cairo and asked if they sold a road map of egypt. each time the clerks looked at me as if i had asked for the strangest thing in the world. "we sell gasoline here," one added helpfully. in most countries i find them in book stores without a problem.

and so i came back to amriika bidun kharita, dammit. and for some reason, no one seems to be selling arabic-language maps of egypt online either. anyone have any suggestions of where to look?