Saturday, March 15, 2008

taking blog navel-gazing to a new, even more unprecedented, level

on further reflection on the blogging-guilt thing, i realize i've had this informal rule for deciding when i've neglected my blog too much. my blog only displays posts from the last 8 days on the front page. if i don't blog the left-side content starts getting shorter, whereas the right-side content (i.e. the links) remains stable no matter how often i post. most of the time, the left-side content is longer than the right-side content. but when i don't post, the left-side starts to shrink. and if i don't post for a few days, it can shrink enough so that the left gets shorter than the right. that leaves this blank blue space on the lower-left bit of my front page.

for some reason, i don't like that blank space. i don't know why it bugs me, but it does. and it's all tied into the non-posting guilt. because i've decided that non-posting guilt is stupid and should not be felt, i've latched on to the anti-blank-space-in-the-lower-left thing. thus, i've taken my real feelings that i deemed illegitimate and created the pretense of an aesthetic issue.

i had never really thought about this until now. this morning i noticed that my left-content was slightly shorter than my right-content. really barely shorter, probably not even noticeable unless you're hyper-vigilant about the blank space like i seem to be. so then i put up the "stupid feelings" post below and noticed that corrected the problem. then i decided to muck around with my links a bit, which resulted in a net gain of the number of links on my sidebar. but that pushed the right-side content slightly further down, further than the length of the left-side again. so it started to bug me again. it's only then that i consciously realized the link between blog-guilt and the left-right issue. and so i wrote this ridiculous self-indulgent post about it.

and yes, this post should push the left-side comfortably below the right-side. i'm so transparent.