Tuesday, March 11, 2008

y'all hear that? we're using code names

this post reminded me of something that i've long wondered about: what is the point of secret service code names? the bloomberg article reveals that barack obama's secret service code name is "renegade" and his wife's is "renaissance." hillary clinton's code name is "evergreen". articles like these come out every election cycle, telling the public the secret service code names of presidents, vice presidents, presidential candidates and their families.

but why have code names at all? why can't the secret service just call him "barack" or "obama" like everyone else? the code names are clearly not used as a code. the secret service isn't using the names as a way to refer to the protected person so that someone listening in wouldn't know what they're talking about. if they wanted to do that, they wouldn't release the code names to the press. and if any names did end up in an article, they would make a fuss and change the leaked names. but that never happens.

the whole thing just seems like a PR stunt for the secret service. is there any other point to these code names?