Sunday, June 29, 2008

laptop ants

yesterday an ant crawled out of my laptop as i was typing. i smooshed it, and then didn't think about it again.

then this morning, another ant crawled out of my keyboard as i started typing. i smooshed that one, only to see another ant walking by the base of the screen just as i did. i took care of that one too. and then, just before i started typing this post, another ant came out from behind the "return" button, saw my smooshing hand, and then ran right back into the keyboard. i assume it's in there now. no more have come out since i started typing this post.

so why do ants like being inside my laptop? i haven't seen any ants anywhere else in the house lately. it seems to be something about the laptop. and it looks like i'm not the only one to notice the phenomenon. [damn, i just saw another one]

UPDATE: i shut down the computer, popped out the battery, lifted off the keyboard and looked around. i found... nothing. well, a lot of dust, but no ants. were there only those three?