Thursday, July 03, 2008

turkey flight

welcome to cold turkey day! the transition week preceding my caffeine-free month ends this morning, which means no more caffeine for me at all until i board that plane for tel aviv.

to celebrate both cold turkey day and independence day, i'm flying to beautiful st. peter, minnesota, the cradle of decaffeinated liberty. my last few trips to MN have been in the winter. this time i'll be in the land of 10,00 mosquito breeding pools during a season that we can go outside!

and so the blogging forecast for the next few days is: awesome. the important thing is to keep checking back here to keep my hit numbers inflated. remember to space your visits out, leaving more than 20 minutes between them, so that sitemeter treats you as a new "unique visitor." i'm not sure why i'm supposed to care about hit counts, i don't advertise here so there's no payola involved. but bloggers are all obsessed with hit counts. and hey, i'm a blogger! Q.E.D.

in any case, if you're a united statesian have a happy holiday weekend. if not, enjoy the regular work week, suckers!