Wednesday, November 19, 2008


missouri is officially red.

and my prediction is finally officially wrong. but hey, getting one state wrong out of fifty isn't bad. and that one state was so close that i managed to avoid being officially wrong for more than two weeks after the election.

okay, i also didn't predict that one of nebraska's EVs would go to obama. on the other hand, i didn't address that issue either way when i wrote the prediction post. but on the other other hand, the reason i didn't address it is because i didn't think it would be a factor (that is, i didn't think ME or NE would split their electoral votes) so if i had been asked about it, i would have predicted that wrong too. on the fourth hand, none of my dear readers ever asked me about that issue to make me make a wrong prediction. so it's really your fault, not mine.

but on the fifth hand, going back to missouri, that's actually russell's fault. because that was what we decided on election night. thanks russell!