Monday, January 05, 2009

willy pete

the white phosphorus loophole to the chemical weapons ban is incredibly stupid. it's ridiculous to allow the use of one chemical weapon, that is just as terrible as other banned chemical weapons, so long as the military using the substance announces that it is being used for something other than as a weapon.

so spraying a substance that melts flesh into a combat zone is the illegal use of a "weapon of mass destruction"... unless you issue a press release at the same time saying "i'm using it as a smokescreen." in that case, the use is perfectly fine, even if it melts just as much flesh.

besides, isn't there something else you can use as a smokescreen other than WP? like say, smoke? or what about dry ice, or whatever they use in hollywood these days when they want to make a smoky set. it's been a while since an actor's face was melted while filming. surely we can close the white phosphorus loophole and militaries around the world will find other ways to hide their forces.

i might add that you can't spray something that melts away flesh into a densely populated urban area and also claim that you're doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. (same with the use of cluster bombs, if indeed that report turns out to be correct).

(via susie)