Tuesday, February 02, 2010

they don't just turn anything into vodka here

in turkestan there was a big statue of abu nasr al-farabi. there's another statue of him just a few blocks from us in taraz. before i got to kazakhstan, al-farabi was one of those philosophers who i had heard of and was vaguely aware that he had something to do with bringing ancient greek texts to the islamic world, but didn't know a whole lot more.

i'm still far from being an expert, but i am pretty sure that the famous muslim philosopher wouldn't have wanted to be immortalized as a brand of cognac.
al-Farabi Cognac

likewise, when we visited turkestan it was probably the most religious place i have encountered since i got to this country. the mausoleum of khoja ahmed yasavi attracts pilgrims, so i suppose that makes the area around it cater to a more religious sort. but that doesn't stop the locals from making turkestan brand cognac. they even have a sketch of the famous mausoleum on the label. plus the sketch is from the side that was designed to look like the word "allah" in arabic.
Turkestan Cognac
classy! and at 150 tenge to the dollar, turkestan is the best cognac two dollers and thirty cents can buy.