Wednesday, November 24, 2010

сау болыңыз, тараз! до свидания!! пока!!! дас-дас!!!!

after spending 11 months either living in this little city, or spending all of my time thinking about it, i cannot believe that i will leave taraz tonight. it could be for forever. i do want to return here some day to visit. when you're any place this long, a life starts to spring up around you. we actually have a few friends here, and eventually i will want to show noz jr. where he comes from. but, at best, such a visit will be years away. it's very strange to cut the cord with this place that has been so central to my life for the past year. a lot of bad things have happened here, but there are also things and people i will miss.

so tonight the whole noz family is boarding a scat plane for almaty. i will be there for two days, mrs. noz and noz jr. for (inshallah) only 10-14 days more.

and in other news, it looks like the big red dog has come through though don't expect a link here.