Friday, December 31, 2010

resolution 2011

my new years resolution for 2011 will be to become a chocolate snob. right now in my pre-2011 state, i definitely prefer better chocolate. but if you put pretty much anything called "chocolate" in front of me, i will gobble it down. better chocolate is more expensive, but i tend to eat less of it because a little bit is usually a lot more satisfying. i have this theory that i will even save money if i start turning my nose up at the cheap stuff. we shall see.

i'm going to try to use my own judgment to determine where the line between good and bad chocolate is. but as a rule of thumb, i'll generally avoid the stuff i grew up with (i.e. hershey's and the like) and i will generally favor chocolate with the percentage of cacao printed on the wrapper.

i'm also going to give myself a politeness out. that is, if someone gives me some chocolate that wouldn't normally qualify, i will be nice about it, eat some and not lecture them about why i think the stuff they just gave me sucks. the resolution is more about a scenario where i'm at someone's house and there is a bowl of M&Ms sitting on a table. unless they are really snooty M&Ms (e.g. made from organic venezuelan cacao and packaged in a locally produced certified non-slave labor burlap sack), i'll just quietly pass.

i'm very proud of the fact that i almost always keep my new years resolutions. we shall see how this one goes. this also means that i will spend the rest of today, greedily eating all the bad chocolate i have left in my house.