Wednesday, January 05, 2011

mmmmm, children

the full story is here, but the state of virginia has revoked the above vanity plate, finding it to be "profane, obscene or vulgar in nature."

IMHO, the revocation decision is pretty humorless and stupid of them (the stupid part is that they seem to think it is about pedophilia and not merely cannibalism). but this is what happens when the state is allowed to censor vanity plates. if i were ruling the world, i would let people put whatever they want on a vanity plate. yes, even profanity. if someone wants to announce to the world that he or she is an asshole, then why should the state stop him/her from doing it? state authorities don't have to give us the ability to choose our own license plate number/letter, but once they do, they have no business telling us what we're allowed to have on our car. once they can make content-based decisions over what is allowed, it's inevitable that they will make some that look stupid and ridiculous to at least some people.