Wednesday, February 23, 2011

koch head

the citizens of wisconsin are flooding the phone lines of governor scott walker, but he's not taking their calls. he's not even taking the calls of certain wisconsin state senators. but the buffalo beast posed as one specific out-of-stater and got through.

it just goes to show who walker thinks he's working for.

ADDING: jesse berney misses the biggest revelation of them all: that the governor of wisconsin will take david koch's call even when he is avoiding the calls of his own constituents.

ADDING #2: the other interesting thing about the call is how unaware governor walker is of his own double standards. he talks about investigating democratic senators for corruption because he thinks their lodging and meals are being paid by labor unions, but then seems to take up david koch's offer to fly him out to california and "really show you a good time" when this is all over. he talks about how the protesters are being influenced by out of state people as he thinks he is talking to david koch, himself a sponsor of right wing causes who doesn't live in wisconsin.