Monday, February 28, 2011

the real issue is what is invisible

to clarify my prior post a bit: wasn't trying to say that there has been a news blackout of coverage of the wisconsin demonstrations. from where i sit the problem is more about the content of the coverage, specifically the almost complete lack of reporting about why all those people are camping out at the capitol in madison are there. it's not about how much public employees should get for a pension or how much they should kick in for health insurance. the unions have already agreed to accept the governor's demands on those issues, but governor walker wouldn't agree those savings without also getting his changes to the union's collective bargaining rights.

which is why it is simply inaccurate to present this as a battle over pension or health contributions, or about saving the state money. if that's all it was, there would already be a deal. what governor walker is fighting for is the ability to take away public employees' bargaining rights, the rights that private employees have by law. and some of the governor's proposals, like the requirement that union employees renegotiate their contract every single year, would cost the state more money. the news coverage almost completely ignores the real issue. that's why i think the coverage is poor.