Saturday, March 19, 2011

all roads led to a no-fly zone

as i mentioned earlier today, according to the NYT, secretary of state clinton was a proponent of the current "no fly zone" over libya. john mccain came out in favor of a "no fly zone" almost two weeks ago.

it occurs to me that at no point in the last presidential election, either in the primary or general election, did i have the ability to vote for a viable candidate who would not have supported the current western intervention in libya.

[i guess there's john edwards. but i'm not sure where he stands because no news organization has bothered to ask him what he thinks about the situation in libya. failed republican candidates who no longer hold political office, even those who did a lot worse than edwards, never seem to go away. but people only pay attention to failed democrats who are no longer in office when they have sex scandals]