Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the least unelectable

booman sez:
It's weird. It's both impossible to imagine that Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination and to imagine that he won't. That actually places him above any of his challengers. I can't imagine any of them as a genuine presidential candidate.
the really weird thing is that you could have said the same thing about the crop of GOP presidential candidates in 2008. i remember talking to MatthewB in the summer of 2007 about the various GOP candidates and we both concluded that every single one was unelectable for republican primary voters. and yet, we both knew that someone had to win.

our conversation took place at the time that mccain's campaign had utterly tanked. it failed to attract much support and was completely broke. everyone assumed he was dead in the water. but instead, just by not dropping out, he ended up being the one who got the nomination after GOP primary voters ruled out everyone else.

i expect something like that will happen in the coming year. the only question is who will be this year's mccain?