Monday, April 11, 2011

billboards of kazakhstan

i clicked on a link to this article and was surprised to see a photo that i took accompanying the article. technically, the article is violating the terms of my creative commons license (the license which requires attribution of the photo to me, but the photo credit on the article just says "Photo Credit: Flickr"), but i don't actually mind that much.

the post poached the image from my billboards of kazakhstan photoset. as i previously mentioned, after i took photos of everything you could take photos of in taraz, i became obsessed with the political/public service billboards scattered around town (and especially in the center where we lived). unlike historic sites, the billboards would change every few weeks, giving me an endless supply of stuff to photograph.

but now i'm home and i got all these photos of billboards that i can't read. so for a lack of better idea, i'm making a flickr photoset of them as part of my larger and extremely drawn out "upload every travel photo i have" project. i only have 11 billboards in the set so far, but there will be a lot more whenever i get around to uploading them. if anyone out there wants to translate them for me, feel free to leave the translation in the comments on the flickr page.