Sunday, April 03, 2011

kazakh election day

is today. but they are 9-10 hours ahead of us (KZ has two time zones), so it's already over. early reports suggest a high turnout (and also government officials paying off and/or coercing people to vote) which means that the boycott failed.

but the best part (via KZblog) is the mels yeleusizov, one of the three candidates running against the incumbant president nursultan nazarbayev. mr. yeleusizov told the moscow times that he voted for president nazarbayev.

that pretty much says it all.

ADDING: official turnout stats and exit polling data is in this post. the official preliminary results will be announced before noon eastern kaz time which means the middle of the night for us united statesians. not that there's any reason to stay up for the results. we all know where this is going.