Thursday, May 19, 2011


watching noz jr. pick up language, i'm surprised to see that the ghayn sound from arabic (غ/gh) is easier for him to pronounce than the hard-G in english. he currently pronounces the word "green" like "غرين"/"ghreen". it's strange because the ghayn sound was one of the more difficult sounds for english speakers learning arabic. so to me, a native english speaker, it seems like it should be harder than an english hard G. it's hard to get past that native language bias, so it still is difficult for me to really believe that a gh sound is inherently easier than a G.

on the other hand, noz jr. didn't come to us completely as a blank slate. though he wasn't talking much when we got custody, he had been exposed to kazakh. kazakh has both the gh sound and the hard g sound (Ғ and Г in the kazakh alphabet). so maybe noz jr's use of the "gh" sound is particular to his own personal history.

i've tried to ask a few other parents about it, but most of them don't know what the gh sound is. even if i make the sound for them, if they didn't know the sound before they might not have taken note of it when their kid made it. (i guess i could ask GW. GW, are you reading this?)