Tuesday, May 24, 2011

laying down his cards

i'm really curious to see what bibi will say to congress today. every peace proposal in the past twenty years have used the 1967 borders as the starting point. but now that netanyahu and his supporters have  declared that approach to be akin to the holocaust, so what can his map possibly look like?

i figure there are two ways he can go:

(a) he can propose some non-continuous system of bantustans, guaranteeing that he goes down in history as his generation's PW botha, or

(b) he won't give any indication of what his map will look like.  instead he will just give the usual laundry list of all the reasons that the palestinians suck and can't be trusted without providing even a pretend outline for what a palestinian state would look like.

at this point i'm betting (a). but never underestimate a politician's ability to promise to give a speech on something and then to deliver one long dodge instead.

see also josh marshall.