Saturday, May 14, 2011

next they'll tell us they found a half-eaten ham sandwich on his kitchen table

i haven't been online much earlier today, but surely i'm not the only one who wonders whether this is just something cooked up by u.s. intelligence agencies to undermine the cult of bin laden? we'll never know for sure, but u.s. intelligence agencies have a history of this kind of thing. plus, anything that bin laden got from the outside world had to be delivered by a courier. so he would have had to had to have had his courier get the porn for him. considering that the courier's loyalty was based on the perception that bin laden was a pious muslim, that would have been a major risk to ask him to do something like that for him.

on the other hand, it could be true. i try not to resort to conspiracy theories when run-of-the-mill human behavior is also an available explanation. but because it involves both sex and hypocrisy, just seems like the kind of leak tailor-made to spread both quickly and widely.

UPDATE: no, i'm not the only one. (update links via memeorandum)