Wednesday, May 18, 2011

why are they doing this?

apparently it wasn't enough for newt gingrich to just claim his criticism of the ryan plan was "taken out of context". he also had to call st. ryan and personally apologize for being so horrible as to publicly disagree with ryan's remarkably unpopular plan. will that be enough to save newt? probably not. if you want to be the GOP nominee there are lines you just can't cross. a mere phone call might not be sufficient penance. perhaps he should try self-flagellation next.

this whole entertaining spectacle reminds me of what marindenver asked yesterday:
And if anyone has any insights on why the Rethugs are so determined to cling to and defend a proposal that has about a snowflake’s chance in hell of passing AND antagonizes their constituents at the same time, feel free to share those here too. I’m just gaping at them with wonder.
i can't say i understand what they're trying to do here.