Tuesday, June 28, 2011

its own worst enemy

i don't understand why israel is making such a big deal about the latest gaza flotilla. the only "threat" it poses is the international publicity it brings to israel's blockade of gaza. but israel's promise to use force against the activists, officials' ridiculous exaggerations about the threats posed by the flotilla, israel's attempts to pressure companies that supply services to the boats, its ham-handed threats against journalists who might cover a clearly newsworthy event (now rescinded after it unsurprisingly generated further bad press), and its possible attempts to sabotage the boats before they leave, all are generating more attention to the flotilla, and by extension the gaza blockade issue, than it would otherwise get.

israel's total freak-out about this makes no sense at all. the entire flotilla is basically just raise-awareness campaign. by reacting this way, israel is helping the activists raise international awareness and cast israel is a really bad light.