Friday, June 03, 2011

president saleh is... something

so the president of yemen is either lightly wounded, wounded in a blast to the back of the head (which doesn't sound "light" to me) or killed by a rocket attack, or maybe he's alive. the ruling party says he is "fine and will be on tv within hour."

the whole reason i bother wading through these flurry of early reports is because i convince myself that i will be better informed for my efforts. but instead what always happens is i end up more confused than i would have been if i didn't bother and just waited for it all to be sorted out for tomorrow's headline.

in any case, it looks like something major has happened in yemen. if saleh is dead or too hurt to effectively govern, i really have no idea what will happen next.

UPDATE: saleh delivered an audio address on state television saying he was "well and in good health" after being treated for some "minor injuries." but did you notice that? an audio address on television. so it sounds like he survived but looks too messed up and scary to put on camera.