Tuesday, June 07, 2011

that is what i'd truly like to be

i'm not sure why so many people care about anthony's weiner.1 he didn't do anything illegal. you can't claim this is relevant because weiner is a hypocrite as public morality has never been one of his issues. and while flirting online with a bunch of women who are not your wife is a bad thing to do, i'm not sure why anyone should care other than his wife.

i simply have a hard time caring about this. but the mania about this does show the ridiculous tabloidization of political news coverage. (exhibit B is the wall-to-wall coverage of sarah palin driving around in a bus). the american press seems to avoid reporting on actual political issues at all costs. i don't understand why. issues are what makes politics interesting. this is why i find most tv news unwatchable.

1-other than to joke about it of course. the guy's name is weiner ferchristsake!