Wednesday, July 13, 2011

أيام الخوالي

hey, does anyone else remember the good old days, when the blogosphere was all into iraq and the arab world, and everyone fancied themselves a middle east expert?

i just was thinking about that as i browse through the memeorandum headlines, as i do most mornings. aside from israel, the blogosphere as a whole doesn't obsess about the middle east much anymore. it's not like the middle east doesn't have a lot going on, what with the arab spring (now well into mid-summer), oh and that brand new shiny war in libya.1

of course, there are still plenty of middle east centric blogs. but i'm not talking about them. i'm talking about the generic political sites. i seem to remember them spilling a lot of electrons about the region. i mean, think back to how everyone obsessed about the demonstrators in the cedar revolution in 2005. there were big demonstrations in egypt just this week, but the political sites are too fixated on the washington kabuki to take an interest in that far off corner of the world. or maybe they just got tired of it.

to be clear: i'm not criticizing any blogger for not writing about the middle east. people should blog about whatever they want. there are plenty of important issues and regions of the world that i never mention here. i just noticed a change in behavior from how things were in the past and thought i would point it out.

also, i miss cursor.

1-okay, maybe not part of the middle east. but still.