Saturday, July 02, 2011

i've never had an injury that wasn't self-inflicted

three days ago i'm on my commuter train coming home from work. it was a packed train. i had a seat, but with people crammed in all around me. then i dropped my rail pass. the pass costs $120 and allows me to have unlimited rides on the local public transit system for an entire month. that is how i get to work. in other words, that little card is valuable. but it was on the floor and i didn't have any room to maneuver.

so i did my best to lean over and strained as i pawed around blindly on the yucky floor. as part of my contortions, my elbow pressed hard against my ribs. just as my hands found the pass, i got a really sharp pain in my side. it hurt to move my arms, lift things, walk, stand, sit, lie down, breathe. in retrospect, it was totally not worth it to reach for the pass. this was my ride home from work on june 29th. i had exactly two rides to go on my monthly pass before i would need a new july pass. i should have just left it there in the yuck and bought the last two tickets individually.

anyway, until yesterday i was convinced i had broken my ribs. so i tried to come up with a better story than "i elbowed myself while trying to pick up a train pass." then yesterday i saw my doctor. he said it could be a broken rib, but it's more likely just a strained muscle. either way, all i can do is wait for it to heal. when i told him how difficult it was to sleep, so he gave me some of rush limbaugh's favorites.

now it's the next day. i'm not currently in pain but in a bit of a haze instead. this could be my first blog post under the influence of a narcotic. i bet it's no more or less coherent than anything else i have ever posted.