Monday, July 25, 2011

pam atlas shrugs

my favorite insane bigoted blogger, pam atlas, made it into the new york times! (again)

i'm not sure if i want to get into the issue of whether pam is at all to blame for anything that happened in norway. on the one hand, pam can't help it that a nutball like anders breivik was a fan of her site. i wouldn't want to hold any blogger responsible for everything any single reader might do. on the other hand, if you continuously publish hateful propaganda about a group of people, it shouldn't be surprising if the violent nutballs act on it, which would raise questions about responsibility to anyone with a conscience. if i were pam, i would feel pretty awful about what happened, even if i didn't think that i had any real responsibility for the incident.

then again, it's already clear that pam is not like me.if she feels awful at all, it's buried beneath her usual defensive lashing out at critics. which is, to be honest, what makes her site so much fun to read in a can't-take-my-eyes-off-that-terrible-car-crash kinda way.

one thing that is absolutely clear, however, and i say this as a longtime reader of her site: if the shoe were on the other foot, if anders the christian was ahmed the muslim and it turned out that he was a fan of the daily kos, there's no question that pam would be insisting that markos moulitsas was personally responsible for the killing. guilt by association is pam's speciality. unless, of course, the association points in her direction.