Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the president's suggestion

last night president obama asked americans to call their congressperson and demand he or she attempt to resolve the debt ceiling debacle. fair enough, i'm tired of this bullshit crisis. but what to i say?

i don't want my congressman to vote for senator reid's plan, which the president has endorsed i don't want him to vote for the boehner's plan. i really just want him to vote for a clean debt ceiling increase, but my congressman already voted against that, and there's no real chance of it coming up before congress again before default day.

the sheer idiocy of this standoff is not just the fact that it is a completely manufactured crisis--there's no good reason for the republicans need to hold the american credit rating hostage to force through a bunch of unpopular cuts on the american people-- it's that we've gotten to the point where i don't know what to wish for. every plausible endgame to this would be absolutely terrible. the powers that be have eliminated any sensible option out. i guess i could just call to yell at some gerlach staffer about how much i hate that my alleged representative participated in this utter travesty. but would that accomplish anything? maybe the president should have tried to rally the troops before all the good options were taken off the table.

i used to believe that, when push comes to shove, the big money people who really pull the strings of our politicians, would step in and make sure that a default doesn't actually happen. but what the fuck is taking them so long? pull the string already!