Saturday, July 09, 2011

the republic of south sudan

hey, we have a brand new country today! congratulations ROSS!!!

this hasn't happened since, um, i guess kosovo (though other places like south ossetia make that question a little complicated). in any case, ROSS will probably end up with wider international recognition than the former yugoslav republic. we haven't seen a widely recognized independence since timor-leste in 2002.

so this seems like a big deal to me. but most american political blogs don't seem that interested. sadly, more electrons are being spilled over paul ryan's choice of wine than the unlikely independence of a region that has been fighting for a country for decades.

i'll give credit where credit is due: today's new country is the result of the peace deal brokered by president bush (the second). amidst the wreckage of all of his foreign policy disasters was this rare success.