Sunday, August 14, 2011

the colbert effect

the ames straw poll is a ridiculous thing, little more than a fund raiser disguised pretending to be a poll, and an unscientific poll at that (okay, so it may be predictive of the iowa caucuses. but that's only because the iowa caucuses are also pretty ridiculous). the press is fixated on it and treats it like a big deal. but i think that says more about how bored campaign reporters get of covering retail politics. this is at least something new to write about.

aside from bachmann winning, the big news seems to be that rick perry got more votes as a write-in candidate than mitt romney. * what i want to know is how many votes rick parry (with an "a") got. were they counted as part of perry's 718? if they were, how many of those write-ins were really for "parry"? and if they weren't counted with "perry", what place did "rick parry" come in? does anyone know?

* just after i published this post, i heard that T-Paw dropped out. so i guess that is a third piece of big news coming out of ames. at least it would be if anyone still thought that tim still had a chance of getting the nomination.