Saturday, August 20, 2011


i keep reading that jon huntsman is "crazy" for refusing to deny climate change and for saying that he believes in evolution. they are calling it "crazy" because everyone knows that the GOP primary is dominated by crazy people who deny the prevailing scientific consensus. but if huntsman is challenging the crazy, doesn't that make him not-crazy?

sure, this means he probably can't win the GOP primary. on the other hand, have you seen the polls? huntsman didn't stand much of a chance before he started saying stuff like this. he really has nothing to lose and challenging the prevailing orthodoxy at least is likely to generate him some press--something the bottom-tier candidates are always desperate for. given how his candidacy hasn't taken off, his best, perhaps only, chance is to call the party base on its bullshit and hope the bulworth strategy can actually work. i don't think it will. but it would be really interesting if it did.