Wednesday, August 10, 2011

it's all about momentum

the democrats successfully recalled two of the six republicans last night. not bad, but not good enough to gain control of the state senate. at this point the important thing will be how the post-election spin plays out. taking the senate would have been nice, it would have meant that the democrats could block any more crazy rightwing shit that governor walker tried to shove through. but the republicans saw this coming and have already rushed through most, if not all, of their agenda. on the very day of the recall vote, governor walker signed a redistricting bill that never would have passed if the democrats had any power to block legislation. walker's program is already the law of the land in wisconsin and would remain so even if the senate turned blue.

the main effect of last night's election will not be legislative, but rather who will win the spin war that comes out of it. a recall of two sitting senators is unprecedented. but because expectations were raised that the dems might be able to flip the senate, the right is trying to spin it as a major loss. maybe that spin will take hold with the general public or maybe not. which way the prevailing spin goes will affect the chances of knocking out governor walker when he is eligible for recall early next year. more than who has control of the senate, that is what really matters.