Monday, August 15, 2011

hey, remember that libya place?

the libyan civil war has been overshadowed by domestic ridiculousness, but it really does look like qadhafi's position is slowly but steadily eroding. it's unfortunate that most of the articles i read in the american press don't include maps. without knowing libyan geography, it would not be clear that the rebels have captured a lot of the country, except the oil producing region in the central coast and tripoli, and that they are pretty close to surrounding the capital, cutting off qadhafi's remaining supply lines. it's also pretty confusing because there are basically two different rebellions (one based in benghazi dominated by libyan arabs, and the other dominated by berbers and centered in the mountains to the south of tripoli) though the two are allied with one another.

today's news brings the fact that libya's interior minister has defected and fled to cairo. he fled to egypt from eastern tunisia, which strikes me as a little odd that he had to go to egypt to defect when he was already in tunisia. aren't they both "liberated" these days?